Seitentitel: Energy-Absorption-Platforms

Energy Absorption Platforms

Technical development for potential and kinetic energy generation from the passage of vehicles over “Energy Absorption Platforms” - our contribution to solving the problems of energy and the environment -

Att: International energy and environmentally-conscious high-level decision-makers in politics, science, business and institutions
Dear Sirs,

Please allow us to present to you our revolutionary, environmentally-friendly and extremely economical, internationally patented development of the “Energy Absorption Platform” for generating energy from the passage of vehicles.

This technical system generates energy in a simple and optimum manner when vehicles drive over or park on the “Energy Absorption Platform”, when entering/exiting/driving through parking garages and toll plazas as well as from large vehicle movements, at checkpoints, mining and excavation operations, large construction sites, etc.
The same applies to aircrafts (by potential energy absorbtion platforms) at any airport with their enormously high weight and cargo terminals with their heavy freight loads.
The applications areas listed above are only a sample of the many possibilities.

When vehicles drive over and stop on the “Platform” (entering / exiting - braking) kinetic energy is absorbed at this time and the ramp is also pressed down (potential energy) several cm to the normal road level and moved horizontally by the weight of the vehicle, whereby the generated pressure is transferred, preferably via hydraulic or pneumatic cylinders, to a nearby pressure storage system.

This stored energy can be used, for example, to power hydraulic systems, such as elevators and actuating elements for building climate control systems, to drive generators for producing electrical energy or to fuel up modern electric and compressed air vehicles.
This “Energy Absorption Platform” is modular in its design and can be easily installed over an existing driving surface with few bolts and minimal labour.
As an example, consider that one car can produce a high “energy harvest” via daily use of a parking garage equipped with “Energy Absorption Platforms”. Additional optimum energy yields may also be obtainable on a daily basis from the same car.

In the case of buses, trucks and support vehicles, the much higher weight classes translate to significantly larger “energy harvests”.
Additional applications include bus stops, bus and train stations, bus depots, vehicle checkpoints, motor vehicle manufacturing plants, etc. (See photos of toll plazas,

Effective advertising signage highlighting this environmentally-friendly form of energy generation at entrances and exits can be extremely advantageous in boosting the image of operators.

The costs per “Energy Absorption Platform” in series production currently amount to approx. EUR 8.000+ approx. 8 hours of installation + exclusive licens/acquisition fee + EUR 1.000 per installed platform.
I would be happy to meet with you by appointment for a technical consultation and contract discussion.

Dipl.-Ing., Phys. Edmond D. Krecké