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®ISOMAX-TERRASOL Zero-Energy Building Technologies - Fundamentals

Construction of low energy buildings according to ® ISOMAX construction technology
A high level of air-conditioning comfort, independent of energy costs - the whole year round.

Reduction of the damage caused to the environment by civilizations 's consumption of so-called primary energy sources and consequential minimization in the future is now simultaneously becoming an ecological and economical challenge for everyone.

When it comes to taking investment decisions with regard to long-term cost-effective-ness, as is the case for building measures and related material production of any kind, in particular, the answer is the ® ISOMAX BUILDING TECHNOLOGY, researched and developed by the Luxemburg physicist and graduated engineer, Edmond KRECKÉ, which has been developed over many years and has proven very successful in practice, in connection with "modifiable air-conditioning" technology.

Here is a summary of the special and highly-valuable rating on an ® ISOMAX building:

1. Optimally insulated outer shell U values: outer wall at 0.09 - roof at 0.08 and window at 0.5 ( 0,09 for windows under development)
2. Temperature barrier (climate barrier) in outer wall
3. Solar absorption pipes between roofing and roof insulation
4. Three temperature-segmented thermal circuits in the foundation slab
5. Underground storage system for controlled use of solar energy and geothermics
6. Cooling circuits outside the underground storage system with temperature supplies around approx. + 8°C (wine cellar temperature).
7. Quantity and temperature control of the extraction and ventilation of all parts of the building using the patented R.E.B.A. pipe-within-a-pipe counter flow extraction/ventilation with 96 % thermal recuperation
8. Geothermically-assisted heating of water to approx. +25° C, thus a considerable reduction in energy costs
9. Extension of building system technology with photo-voltaic technology is possible.


The ®ISOMAX BUILDING TECHNOLOGY thus offers building technology with autarkic operating energy.

The occupants are offered a permanent and self-financing healthy and physiologically-explained sense of comfort.

The following explanations and presentations of the ® ISOMAX building technology clarify the basic factors and particular economic advantages of this construction

Vortrag Euro-Indian Summit in Halle

2010-10-12 Europian-Indian Summit Gottlieb 01.pdf

City Vision: Reinventing Dynamic and Sustainable Cities with special emphasis on Green Energy

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Energiefluß der Zukunft. Nutzung oberflächennaher, sonnenunterstützter Erdwärme zur Energieeinsparung bei Gebäuden.

ISOMAX-Energiefluss-der-Zukunft 04.pdf

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